our roots

We are a family vineyard run for the love of wine and we want to share the experience with all those who want to be a part of it. 

In 2016 we moved in to Brissenden Vineyard - 9 glorious acres of Pinot Noir and Bacchus vines that have provided high quality grapes to some of England's finest wine houses for many years.

We produce high quality sparkling and still wines and our goal is to lift the lid on the fascinating process of growing grapes and making sparkling wine - with no stuffiness, secrecy or pretention.

We believe the greatness of the sparkling wine industry in England lies not in legacy but in its newness and its bright future and we want to give people the chance to share in the excitement.

We have great plans for our beautiful vineyard, in wine production, events and visits, sign up to hear more!